Our History

History of the StraitGate Evangelical Church

The StraitGate started as a non denominational fellowship at Tweneboa, Darkuman Junction, Accra, Ghana, in the year 2006. The name was then StraitGate Mission.

Rev. William Ofosukwakye joined the Baptist Church in the year 2009 and stopped the fellowship due to the heavy work schedule he had. Two of the brothers, namely Bro. Reuben and Bro. Edward, and one sister, Sis. Eunice, who is his wife now, went along with him. He heard the voice of the Lord in December 2015 that he should go back to the StraitGate Mission. After a long talk with the Baptist Church, he was released with a send-off party held in his honour on 17th January, 2016.

On February 2016, The StraitGate Mission started again with the name The StraitGate Pentecostal Church International at Taifa, Atomic Down, Accra, Ghana, on a land one good woman who loves his ministry gave to him. We started building a church structure on the property till March 2016 when some people came and attacked us, claiming they are part-owners of the piece of land. We later found out that the property was even a waterway when the rain fell. We were to vacate the place and there was no place to go. So we settled in front of somebody's shop. At that place, most of the souls we've gathered scattered. After a long search we settled at the Taifa Community School.

When the time came for us to register the Church, God gave him the current name of the Church in a dream. Of all the four names presented to the Registrar General, the name given in the dream emerged. Glory to God. THE STRAITGATE EVANGELICAL CHURCH has now come to stay. It's now a big Church. God willing, by the end of this year we're moving to our permanent Church building. Praise the Lord.

Church Team

Rev. William Ofosukwakye

General Overseer

Mrs. Eunice Ofosukwakye

Church Mother

Mr. Nicholas Asefuah


Mr. Reuben Ansah


Mr. Edward Acquah


Church Goals

  • Win Souls for Christ

    The time is short so winning more souls for Christ through baptism of newly born-again Christians is very paramount.

  • Preach the Gospel

    We make God known to our members by constant teaching of the Gospel as found in the Holy Bible.

  • Embark on Outreach Evangelism

    Getting the Word to far-flung communities through our outreach evangelism missions is a cardinal goal.

  • Help the Needy

    We do well to give any meagre assistance we can offer to communities we visit during our outreach evangelism missions.

Useful Messages

Jesus Christ is the Son of God

God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to fulfill his promise to mankind of a Saviour to save man from eternal damnation because of sin since Adam (John 3:16). Jesus, on the authority of God, forgave sinners and healed many during His short stay on Earth till His crucifixion, death and resurrection.

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The End of the World is Near

In the last days there will be wars, famine, etc. It needs no prompting that we are inching closer to the end. This has made it very imperative to even work harder to save souls for Christ for every Christian and to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour for the non-believer.

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